About V-Trendy

What is V-Trendy?

What does trendy mean?


adj. Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion
n. One who is drawn to and represents the latest trends


         is where we express ourselves and discuss various fashion styles, clothing styles, hair styles, makeup styles even speaking and thinking about styles. Various trends and styles are presented by our young and vibrant 'trendies' from different regions around the world.

From the founder, Chalida Miller

      "I grew up in well...let's say a 'doctor family', my sister, father, mother and grandfather are all doctors and they definitely expected that I will end up being a doctor as well. Before starting my Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree, I just know that I did not want to be one more doctor in my family and I more and more admired those pharmacists who were working outside the hospital system in their own small pharmacies and I would feel more comfortable to be like them than working in a large hospital.

      After I finally graduated I had to choose between two common choices, either completing post-graduate study or entering into a pharmacy practice. I had a question in my head if I was actually supposed to be a pharmacist or it's just because I had never been exposed to something else in this big world and what if I had grown up in a different environment seeing many different things. I then came up with the idea of traveling around the world to be with people from other cultures and other ideas and to live other living styles.

      So I started making plans for my world trip, I had one big problem "How do I dress in those countries that I am visiting?". Normally I dress quite well (I think) and I know when and how to dress for different occasions but the problem was that I had never been out of Thailand before and I couldn't imagine how would I dress in those other countries and it became very big problem for me when I had to choose some clothes to take with me. So I started searching on the internet and asking my friends around the world how they dress and what clothes I should bring with me. However, I finally ended up with few pieces of essential clothing and more medicines (from my sister and mother) and there was plenty of space left in my luggage. The only idea I had at that time was to buy local clothes displaying local fashion with various styles. This is the best way I think.

      My first world trip was to Europe and every day my luggage was filled with clothes from different places I had visited from Northern to Southern Europe. After this first trip I found one more passion in life, I simply loved clothing and adored fashion.

      I also met super cute Tina in Finland who has so many things in common with me and we are just like soul sisters but with totally different hair color!! We traveled together around Finland from University Pharmacy (University of Helsinki) to design and fashion events and shared a lot of ideas without getting bored with what we were seeing or with each other. We also planed to travel together in South America, Africa and Asia to make our own research about nutrition and medicines in those countries as we have common ideas opinions and belief in the exploitation by big companies over small or developing countries. They seem to make money but the sick and depressed peoples never seem to benefit. It is so sad to us.

      In France, I met gorgeous Mélanie and she is a real fashionista who taught me a lot of things and gave me new ideas about the fashion business. I actually meet a lot of models and professional fashion designers which made my time in France so priceless and impressive. It's just like another world that I would never imagined I would ever to be a part of. However, I have been there now and I have my own business as my everlasting souvenir.

      V-Trendy is an idea for showing fashions from around the world and I do hope that you will get an idea from here for your own trip to answer your question "what to dress in that country?".

      Chalida Miller
Founder of V-Trendy