Beautiful and healthy trendy

Her fashion is based on health and wellness.

"Some people might try to make themselves look good by clothing and adding accessories but at the same time they love to eat unhealthy foods and engage in unhealthy activities. I love clothing and I am always keeping myself 'in trend' but the most important thing for me is taking care of myself and having good health. If you keep yourself healthy, you will look good with any changing trend and style."

Favorite piece: Hat
Interest: Health and beauty products, fashion, traveling
Occupation: Medical Representative, own clothing business


Beautiful and thoughtful trendy

Her fashion is based on pricing and reasonable value.

"I think everyone can make himself/herself look good by knowing what is suitable for him/her. Fashion comes quick and goes quickly so to know yourself and being able to create your own style is the best way to keep looking good and if you can also mix your style with new fashion then you can always be 'trendy'. I love to design and I always make my own fashion clothes as I believe that I am the only one who can make the most suitable clothes for me"

Favorite piece: gloves
Interest: Interior design, fashion, traveling
Occupation: Interior designer


Beautiful and stylish trendy

Her fashion is based on beauty, the latest trend and luxury styles. Fashion is just her life as well as any shopping center is just her world.

"-A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater- Rebecca Bloomwood was changed at the end but I'm not and will never be as there is no Luke Brandon in the real world :D"

Favorite Piece: Shoes
Interest: Fashion, sport, health and wellness
Occupation: Model, own clothing business


Beautiful and lively trendy

Her fashion based on natural beauty and saving nature.

"I enjoy traveling and it's great to see people dress in different styles and differing trends. I always try to dress using the same trend and styles as local people and I've collected different styles of clothes from all places I've visited. I like to use products from nature both cosmetic and clothes because I think we are all ourselves from nature so we better be close to nature and use chemicals as least as possible. However, those fashions made from and using animals are not 'cool' at all and I am so against that trend"

Favorite piece: Scarf
Interest: Fashion, traveling, nature
Occupation: Nutritionist


Beautiful and creative trendy

Her fashion is based on creativity, imagination and innovation.

"I love design and creating new things. My trendy style is to dress differently from other people. Just create your own style and make it trendy"

Favorite piece: Jewelry
Interest: Jewelry design, fashion, cooking
Occupation: Student

United States

Beautiful and self esteem trendy

Her fashion is based on self worth and self confidence.

"Nothing lasts forever and trend is no exception so be yourself. If you want to look like a gorgeous queen, just think that you are one and act like one. Proud with who you are and whatever you have, dress however you feel comfortable, play in a mood that suits you at the time. To be beautiful and trendy, you don't have to have a body that looks like a magazine or French model's :D so one more thing; eat whatever is good for your health."

Favorite piece: Bag
Interest: Fashion, clothing business
Occupation: Own clothing business